Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

I do not particularly like Math. In fact, when I finished my bachelor’s degree, I did everything I could to avoid taking a single math class, or a science class that required much math. I am just not keen on having to work with numbers. Now, as all of you other home business owners out there know–there is just no way to run your own business, without having to do some work with numbers.

Even if we cannot stand math and don’t consider numbers to be our friends, we do have to learn some basic bookkeeping, money management and for some of us–the number problem gets even bigger–we might have to learn more advanced math, or at least draw on some of those long forgotten math studies we’ve tucked away in the back of our heads. Even if you get someone else to do your bookkeeping, accounts receivable and your taxes, you will still have to pay attention to the numbers in your profit and loss columns and know what is going on with the bottom line. You are probably still the one signing the checks and making the bank deposits.

I have learned to actually enjoy a bit of tallying in my spreadsheets and by getting some basic systems set up, the math isn’t too overwhelming. There are some things I absolutely hate and dread when I have to figure some big project expenses or negotiate some contracts and proposals–but I’m learning to tolerate them as well. The thing about being on one’s own and running a small business is that most of us really WANT to know what is going on with our businesses down to the penny. It is our money, our efforts, and our businesses and it is worth learning and embracing a little math in order to understand what all those numbers actually mean!

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