Nurturing Temperamental Traits – Regularity

Regularity describes how predictable your child’s biological functions are. Does your infant always eat every two hours? Do they take a nap at the same time everyday? Does your child stay up late or get up early? Are they never hungry at mealtime, and prefer to eat at odd hours?


This child has a strong internal clock. They have a set eating, sleeping, and even pooping pattern, that is comparable to yours. They are easy to schedule around because you know when they will need attention. Although they do not easily adapt to changes in their routine, and will be upset if not fed or put to sleep on schedule.

Low Regularity

A baby with low regularity is difficult to deal with, because their feeding and sleeping habits are so irregular. They often want to stay up late or get up early.

Try and identify your child’s patterns, they do have a pattern; it is just different than yours. After you have identified your child’s patterns try to adhere to them as much as possible. If your toddler insists on staying up at night try getting them to sleep 10 minutes earlier, continue for a few nights, then make it 10 minutes earlier than before. This helps reset their biological clock. Although some children may not even respond to this action.

Don’t force your child to eat or sleep if they are not ready. You can insist that they sit with the family while eating and go to bed at a certain time. They can just play quietly until they fall asleep.

On a more positive note those with low regularity will most likely adapt to changes easier. Since they aren’t on a set schedule, changes in the schedule are less likely to affect them. As an adult those with low regularity adapt to jobs with unusual working hours or those that require travel.

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