Observe Other Teachers

When hopeful teachers are in college taking education courses, they are often sent out to observe teachers in the classroom.

This is a good idea. Aspiring teachers, like all other aspiring professionals, need to visit classrooms and get a true picture of what it is like to teach children. Until you have seen firsthand what it is like to work in a certain job or profession you cannot be absolutely sure that the choice is right for you. Therefore I would encourage those majoring in any field to investigate and observe first.

Observing teachers in the classroom can also help college students to decide which grade level they feel would best match their personality. College students need to observe young children in the classroom as well as middle and older age group children. The college student can then make an educated decision on which area to specialize.

While all of this observing goes on before the student finishes his or her degree, little observation takes place after the student graduates and gets a job.

I think that this needs some changing.

After a teacher receives a teaching job and jumps into the world of educators, there is still much to be learned. New teachers can benefit greatly by watching others who teach at the same level.

During their first year of teaching, every new teacher should be given the opportunity to visit the classrooms of other teachers in the building who are teaching at the same grade level. The teachers should also be allowed to visit teachers in other schools.

While most schools have plans set up for the same grade level teachers to collaborate and plan together, few schools set up times when these new teachers can visit other classrooms.

Visiting and observing after you have your feet in water and recognize which issues you are struggling with can be very helpful to all teachers.

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