Odd Couples?

It was a battle heard around the world: Tom Cruise vs. Brooke Shields. For those of you who missed it–Cruise slammed Shields for using medication to treat her postpartum depression. Shields received a much overdue apology from Cruise this summer. Now, the media is making much ado about a reported friendship that has blossomed between Shields and Cruise’s fiancée, Katie Holmes.

From PEOPLE magazine to the entertainment news program “Access Hollywood,” Tinseltown is buzzing about how lovely the two ladies are to each other. PEOPLE has even revealed that the two had a girl’s night in at Shields’ home where they watched the September premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy.” In addition, Shields recently told reporters that she and Holmes are “absolutely” friends. Hey, the way I see it, what’s not to like. After all, they have one huge thing in common—they both gave birth to baby girls on the same day (April 18) at the same L.A. hospital. Frankly, I think it is irresponsible of the media to assume that just because Cruise had a falling out with Shields it would mean that Holmes would share his hostility and the two wouldn’t be chummy.

Moving on… after writing about Ivanka Trump’s failed pairing with famous cyclist Lance Armstrong, word has it that she has now moved on to spending her down time with an actor. PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Topher Grace is romancing “The Donald’s” first daughter. The couple reportedly “got close” this weekend in Las Vegas, where Trump celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday at Pure nightclub.

Topher who? Topher Grace starred as Eric Forman on FOX’s “That ’70s Show” and plays the villainous Venom in the upcoming “Spider-Man 3.” Sources tell the magazine that the couple danced and cuddled at her party and even shared a few kisses.

So why is this an odd coupling? It wouldn’t be considered such if Trump hadn’t gone public with her “requirements” for the “ideal” man. In a previous interview Trump had said that she “went for older, mature, dark-haired business men.” Now, let’s see, Grace is three years trump’s senior, he has light brown hair and he’s in the acting business… not exactly everything she had requested. But then again, call me crazy (or a cynic), but I doubt the relationship will last longer than a few months anyway.

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