Off the Fridge and into the Scrapbook

If you have a kids and a refrigerator in your home then chances are that fridge is decorated with child art. My refrigerator was so full of children’s art it made my breakfast nook look more like an art gallery than part of a kitchen. As much as I love my children’s works of art, there are far too many masterpieces to hang in on one refrigerator. So, it was either I buy another refrigerator or find a creative solution. No, the thought of throwing away my children’s masterpieces never crossed my mind. It may have made it to the halfway point but motherly instinct and pride killed the idea before formation could occur. I could not afford nor did I need a second refrigerator so I opted to go with the creative idea. My creative idea was to create a scrapbook of my little artists’ masterpieces.

So what is a mom to do with artwork that is either three dimensional or too big to fit into a scrapbook? How do you preserve the works of art that do fit in the scrapbook? What do I do with 100s of art projects that would fill dozens and dozens of scrapbooks?

A great way to conserve pace and memories is by taking pictures of your children’s artwork. You can take pictures of a series of work or individual works of art like 3D projects or large projects. Once these pictures are developed you can easily add them into a scrapbook dedicated to your child’s art.

Most standard scrapbooks are 12”x12”, so artwork that fits that size will be easily stored on basic pages. You will want to spray the artwork with archival spray to preserve the paper and colors of the artwork. Then with acid free glue, adhere them to pages and you will save your child’s art forever. If a picture your child made is bigger than your page, either cut it to fit or use a photo.

Once you completed your scrapbook then you can throw away or recycle 100s of pages of art projects without guilt or feeling like you are throwing memories away.

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