Oh the Places You Could Go!


Imagine for a moment that you could go anywhere you wanted to go. Where would that be? What places would your children like to visit? What experiences would inspire research or lifelong hobbies? What cultures would get your kids excited to pursue a new language or delve into a new art form?

We’ve dabbled in on-the-road homeschooling, and we’ll continue to do so for the simple reason that my daughter and I adore traveling. She likes the planes, trains, and automobiles and is intrigued by new places. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and ecosystems. We make a good traveling team.

If you’re considering a summer road trip or a year-long (or more!) adventure, it’s best to learn from the experts: parents who have taken their children on learning adventures. They can give you a sense of the tricks and the trials of extended travel with kids. To fuel your inspiration, here are some of the most intriguing travel and homeschooling blogs that I’ve found in ye olde web-o-sphere.

Image courtesy of vormin at Stock Exchange.

Family on a bike: this blog showcases the stories of many different families as they travel throughout the world in sustainable forms of transportation.

Globeschooling: one family’s adventures as they travel the world with their young children.

Driven to educate: the adventures of a missionary family as they live and homeschool in Africa.

Live the adventure: a family, an RV, and years of travel. Full of travel tips and homeschooling tips.

Soul travelers: two older parents decide to retire early and pursue their dream of traveling the world with their gifted young daughter. Their goal is to inspire other families to do the same.

And the epic Road School blog, about a family that travelled in an RV full time for 11 years! This blog is a little dated, but scroll down to look for the details of all of their adventures.

If you could go anywhere with your kids, where would you go?