Oh Those Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes. These words can elicit squeals of excitement or gasps of horror, depending upon who you talk to. Some people have the bodies and the financial resources to rock the most amazing fashions during their pregnancies. Others have limited resources and can afford to purchase only a few basic items and wear them in heavy rotation. Whatever your situation, know that there are clothes out there for pregnant women of all tastes and budgets.

When I was pregnant the first time, my budget for maternity clothing was limited. Good thing I saved those clothes though, because by the time I got pregnant again my maternity clothing budget was basically nonexistent. My wardrobe consisted of basic pieces that I could mix and match, and I depended heavily on accessories to keep things interesting.

The items of clothing that you will need during your pregnancy will vary just as personal wardrobes vary from person to person. You know what you do every day – if you go to work, you will need clothes that are appropriate for your work environment as well as clothes for when you are at home. Make a list of items that you would like to buy before going shopping so that you won’t miss anything or end up going too crazy. After all, you will be wearing these clothes for a few months and you may need to buy some additional pieces (especially tops) towards the end of your pregnancy as your belly reaches unimaginably large proportions.

The most helpful thing that I found when shopping for maternity clothes is that sometimes, you can find non – maternity items that will fit your pregnant body. Do not hesitate to spend some time checking out non – maternity clothes before heading to the maternity clothing stores. Some items that I found included elastic waist skirts that I could wear underneath my belly and dresses that were a few sizes larger than I would usually wear which were made of fabrics that could stretch, drape, and otherwise fit over my baby bump.

Photo by veggiegretz on morguefile.com.