Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: What Were Yours?

It’s a saying every bride-to-be is familiar with: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Did you have any of these things on your wedding day? If you did, do you remember what your somethings old, new, borrowed, and blue were?

I had to dig deep to try and remember mine.


I honestly don’t remember what my something old was. I want to say it was a handkerchief. If so, who gave it to me? My mom? Wayne’s grandma?

I hate to admit it, but I just can’t remember. However, something does strike me that one of them did give me a handkerchief for my something old. Now I’m trying to remember where I carried it. Did I tuck it in my décolletage? That’s about the only place I could have placed it, but I can’t imagine myself doing that. However, I might have. That also seems to ring a bell, so that’s what I’ll say: a handkerchief nestled between my bosoms was my something old.

Now I’m wondering what the heck ever happened to the handkerchief…


This one I remember because I still have them: a pair of gold earrings with a pearl in the middle. My mom gave them to me as my wedding jewelry.


This one I also remember: a pearl necklace that was my grandma’s. However, even though it was just supposed to be borrowed, I ended up keeping it.

Because my grandma’s Old-Timer’s was advanced by then, my mom had lent me the pearls. Then, afterwards when I tried to return them, she told me to keep them.

Like the earrings I also still have those and know exactly where they’re at.


Like the something old, I don’t remember what my blue was but I think my garter had blue in it. A thin strip of blue satin ribbon running through the white lacey ruffles.

However, like the handkerchief, I have no idea what happened to the garter.

Question to Readers

Do you know where your something old, new, borrowed, and blues are?

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