Older Students and Teacher Preferences

My last discussion about students and the types of teachers that they like best involved middle school students. These students are typically not as interested in their academic career as younger students seem to be.

This article will continue to work up the education ladder and address high school and college students along with their preferences in teachers.

High School Students

By the end the junior and senior year students in high school are usually really beginning to gain a grasp on the reality of life. They are beginning to understand why their parents and teachers pushed them as hard as they did. They are also beginning to be thankful for these people. These students like teachers who are honest with them and give a sincere effort to help. They like teachers who back up the students and fight for the students’ rights. They are least interested in passive teachers who simply come to work and leave. In my experience it seems that the most popular teachers among high school students are the teachers who are involved in school activities and the interests of the students. It may take the freshmen a little while to gain the grasp that the older high school student’s have. However, the freshmen typically look to the juniors and seniors for guidance in which teachers are the best liked.

College Students

This is a tough one due the large vast age difference among college students. Young college students who are just out of high school may be more interested in professors who do not demand their presence in class. They like teachers who give them independence and only require them to come for the tests. They like the teachers who let them out early. Older college students who are more well established in life see things differently. They are usually paying the tuition themselves and they want their money’s worth. They want a professor who is there when needed. They like professors who teach reasonable and realistic issues dealing with their field of study.

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