Old Fashioned Murder


The classic game of murder is morbid for sure, but fun for all ages. This classic party game has been adapted into a number of different popular variations. Some more involved versions involve train rides, boat cruises, and even entire weekend excursions. This is a simple, traditional variation that can be an absolute blast with the right group of people.

Number of players: at least 5 – 12
Space needed: A house with a few rooms
Ages: 12+

The host, or other chosen leader, should take as many playing cards from a deck as there are guests, making sure the ace of spades is somewhere in amongst the cards separated. Each guest draws one card, keeping it hidden from the other players. The one who draws the ace of spades is to be the murderer.

The leader then explains to the rest of the group that when the lights are turned out, someone will be murdered, meaning taken by the throat or stabbed in the back. The person murdered immediately screams and falls to the ground. After ten seconds, the lights will be turned up, and a player designated as the district attorney will try to identify the murderer through questioning.

The host takes his position by the light switch, turns off the lights, and the entire group scatters through the rooms. When a scream is heard, the host counts the ten seconds, turns up the lights, and everyone must stand still. The district attorney will then question each person in the group.

The group or the host chooses the district attorney ahead of time. After getting a good look at the positions of each player in relation to the person murdered, the attorney then asks the players to be seated, and each of them in turn is called forward for questioning. Everyone but the murderer must tell the absolute truth, and the murderer can fabricate as much as he or she wants to.

The district attorney is given three chances, (or less depending on the number of people playing) to ask directly “Are you the murderer?” This is the only answer the murderer must answer truthfully.