On Campus Living or Not?

It’s getting on to that time of year in Australia where university placements are soon going to be coming out. It’s a big thing as young people wait find out whether the university of their choice has accepted them for the course they want. It’s almost as stressful for the parents waiting with them.

But before they get to that stage there are tertiary advisory days. Most universities and colleges have these advisory days, where they will find out more about the university.

When they find out then it is time for the decision that needs to take place, like whether to live on campus or not.

Sometimes it is a case of having to leave home to attend university as it was for the majority of young people where we used to live in Orange and as it is for many where we currently live. Then it comes down to a choice of whether living on campus or flatting with another young person or two.

So what are the advantages of being on campus? There is less time involved in travel which means more time to get stuck into work or to enjoy social life with others on campus. It can be a less expensive option. Friendships with others develop more quickly in on campus situations. You don’t have to worry about shopping for and cooking your own meals etc.

The disadvantages of being on campus are, it can be noisier and too social with parties going on that distract from getting study and work done. For those who like a bit of solitude and not to be surrounded by people all the time it can prove a bit much. While food is supplied it can often be not of the best quality as bulk cooked food often is.

Sometimes a student may choose to stay on campus for the first year until they have found their way around and made friends and then branch out into a flat after.

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