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Did you know that you could teach yourself how to scrapbook through Free online courses? It’s true! Maybe you want to learn how to use your Cricut better, or you want to learn about digital scrapbooking, whatever the case, there is probably a course out there for you!

Here are a few courses currently being offered on

Digital 101-Everything you need to know about getting started in digital scrapbooking.

Making the Most of your Die Cut Machine- This helps you learn more ways to use that Cricut, or other die-cutting machines!

Super Sketches- Get a new sketch each for an entire year to help you create something new and different.

Patterned Paper Every Which Way- This class will help you explore creative ways to use patterned paper.

To view the complete list of both free, and non-free classes, at, go here. also offers online classes to help you master your scrapbooking skills. One thing I like about their website is the fact that you can sort through their classes by beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Right now, they are offering a beginner class to those that are just starting out in scrapbooking for FREE! Check out the link here.

Some other cool classes that they are currently offering for advanced scrappers, like some of you, include:

*Big Picture Scrapbooking – “Big Picture Scrapbooking online scrapbooking classes offer expert instruction and a unique approach to scrapbooking that unlocks a person’s true creativity, allowing them to easily tell scrapbook stories around life’s special moments so they can ultimately find more satisfaction in life.”

*A Scrapbooker’s Guide to Album Planning and Cover Designs (E-Book) – “Designing layouts takes one skill set. Putting together a cohesive album requires another. In this exclusive e-book, Jill teaches you how to plan and execute albums from start to finish. You’ll learn to set-up, organize and execute an album plan. You’ll learn unique ways to decorate album covers. And you’ll learn how to create beautiful and memorable wedding-guest books and albums. Plus, this book will change the way you think about scrapbooking – it will open your mind to a whole new realm of creative possibilities that will set you off on discoveries of your own.”

For a complete list of their classes offered at go here.

Whatever you scrapbooking level is, there is probably a course for you, and for those beginners out there, nothing beats free…right? I think that I might check into some of these myself. The scrapbooking world is always changing, and there are always new techniques out there, so find a course that fits you!

Another great tip is to explore websites and blogs on scrapbooking. Many of them offer short tutorials, or free sketches you can use. A lot of blogs also offer monthly challenges that will help you keep up your skills. Happy Scrapping!

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