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As a teacher, I always thought of having fairly good job security. As long as there are children there will be a need for teachers, right?

However, now it seems that perhaps our technology and advancement in the world has allowed us to replace teachers with computers. It all began at the college level. College professors are nowhere near being extinct. Yet some classes have evolved from the days of students sitting in the classroom listening to a teacher.

Some college courses are now offered online, through independent study, or through distance learning. Homeschooling has also been an increasing threat to the traditional teaching profession.

Until recently, I had never imagined the replacement of the public school system with computers and technology. However, I have now discovered that some online public schools are under experiment.

Texas is now opening up an online public school for children. The Virtual Academy at Southwest allows students to attend school from home. The curriculum for the students was created by an independent company. Although the curriculum may vary from that of the other schools, the students still earn the same credits for classes that the other students who attend a public school earn.

Other states have signed deals with companies to create online curriculums for students. Many like the online schooling because students can work at their rate and pace. Lessons are individualized.

While I have no fear that online schooling will take the place of all teachers and public schools, I do realize that the option creates less of a need for teachers.

With the online schooling option, homeschooling, charter schools, private schools, magnet schools, etc. parents and students have many more choices than the traditional public school setting.

In my future articles, I will examine how an online public school operates and how students receive their education.

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