Online Scrapbooking Store Review: Stuff 4 Scrapbooking

No matter what type of scrapbooker you are, finding high quality materials at low prices is always desired. For those who hardly find the time to scrapbook, finding the time to shop at scrapbooking stores is next to impossible. Online scrapbooking stores have become increasingly more popular as with all online shopping. It’s fast, convenient, and your items ship directly to your door. The downside is not knowing which online stores you can trust. Will the item ship out on time? How long will the item take to get to my home? Will the item look as like the picture on the site? These are all common questions we have when purchasing from any online store. I asked myself the same question when visiting the Stuff 4 Scrapbooking online store.

I found an adorable scrapbooking kit on Stuff 4 Scrapbooking’s website. This 8×8 album came complete with all the paper, embellishments and stickers one needs to create a memorable scrapbook for any occasion. A lover of convenience, this complete kit which could be purchased in just a few seconds and shipped directly to my door, was speaking my love language. However, I did ask myself the same question we all do about customer service when ordering off the internet. So far the website was well done, easy to navigate and the price of the item was right. Stuff 4 Scrapbooking offers all your scrapbooking needs from tools to stickers to paper to kits. In just a few clicks you can order the cutest items to show off at your next scrapbooking night with the girls.

Yet, could the quality of service and actual item live up to my expectations? I expect an item to be shipped out and delivered in a reasonable about of time. I realize that is vague but allowances need to be made depending on item and shipping method. I also expect the item I order to be exactly what I see and how it is described online. Stuff 4 Scrapbooking did not disappoint me in either area. Once the item was ordered, it was immediately processed and shipped out of their warehouse in record time. I have to admit when it came in the mail I was quite surprised it arrived so soon. I was sent an order confirmation with the method of shipping so I calculated when to expect my item. I’m an online buyer and an Ebay seller, so I’m fairly good at this type of guesswork. Stuff 4 Scrapbooking had my item to my door about 2 days before I would have expected it.

Upon opening the package, I my excitement did not dwindle. My item looked exactly as pictured and described! Now, you may think that’s easy to pull off but I’ve been buying online long enough to know you do not always get what you think you ordered. If I was trying to match a theme or color, I know I can count on Stuff 4 Scrapbooking to deliver exactly what I need based on what I see on their website.
Item variety. Check. Website navigation. Check. Customer service. Check. Speed of shipping. Check. Quality of item. Check. I will be happy to purchase other scrapbooking needs from Stuff 4 Scrapbooking in the future.

Disclosure: Item was provided in exchange for a review. Company is unaware of what my review would say nor do they have anything to do with the opinions expressed in this review.

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