Open House by Elizabeth Berg

Sometimes life changes in an instant. At least is seems that way to Samantha. One day she was a happily married woman raising her son Travis, and the next her husband wanted a divorce.

In the beginning, Samantha is waiting for David to return to her, to realize it was all a mistake and that he loves her still. While she is waiting she goes on shopping sprees at Tiffany’s, and tries to become a different woman, one who serves her son breakfast in the dining room. Her most pressing problem is money, David thinks they should sell the house but Sam wants to keep it for Travis.

Samantha is torn between wanting David back and trying to figure out how to live without him. Her mother Veronica is a little eccentric and immediately starts setting her up on dates, trying to fix the problem by throwing men at it.. The last thing she wants is to date, she is still waiting for David to return. She decides what she needs is a job.

Through a rather unusual friend she learns about working at a temp agency and starts doing random jobs, just for the day, just to get out of the house and make a little money. Samantha also finds roommates to help with the mortgage payment. The first, an elderly lady, is perfect, until she gets married. The next is a depressed student who really doesn’t bring anything to the table.

Samantha seems to be ping ponging through life, unsure of who she is or who she was before her marriage. In trying to find happiness Samantha learns the lesson we all must learn. Only you can make your own happiness and there is so much more to people than meets the eye.

Elizabeth Berg has a way of engaging you in this story about that could be about any woman. Her humor is apparent in some of Samantha’s actions and will make you laugh out loud. A thoroughly enjoyable book.