Operation Iraqi Children

A few days ago I posted an article about how the media tends to focus on the negative news coming out of Iraq while the positive tends to get overlooked. On that note I would like to bring to your attention a program called Operation Iraq Children in which US troops are helping to distribute much needed school supplies to the children of Iraq.

In March of 2004 actor Gary Sinise (of Forrest Gump and CSI: New York fame) and author Laura Hillenbrand (Sea Biscuit: An American Legend) announced the launch of their program in order to bring attention to the desperate need for school supplies in Iraq. This program relies on the generosity of the American people to donate these supplies, which are then shipped overseas and distributed by American troops.

War always has its casualties but none are more heartbreaking than when an entire generation of children is left to suffer needlessly. I know that as a mother of two children I sometimes tend to take for granted the simple things that I provide my girls with on a regular basis. How many times have we as parents gone to the store and, school supply list in hand, grabbed what was needed with not much thought other than to get the task done. Imagine your children not having the basic tools they needed for an education—what future would they have open to them?

Operation Iraqi Children, which now hopes to expand into Afghanistan, is also in urgent needs of basic items such as shoes, blankets and tarps. I believe this is a beautiful way to show the next generation of Iraqi people that co-operation, not war, is the solution to our differences and that American troops are not there to destroy but to help rebuild a better life for the Iraqi people.

If you, as an individual, or an organization you belong to would like to help this worthy cause by donating school supplies or other specified items needed then please take a moment to visit the Operation Iraqi Children website and see how you can help make a difference to the futures of these children.