Opinions About Other Teachers

As human nature, we all form opinions and make judgments of others. While some of us are more vocal and more judgmental, we all have thoughts about how others look, act, and treat us.

The same goes for teachers. Involuntarily teachers make judgments about other teachers. They form opinions about which teachers in the school are doing their part of the work and which teachers are less active in education. Opinions are formed about which teachers are “good” and which ones are “not so good”.

In some cases these opinions are very similar across the faculty and in some cases they differ. In many cases the opinions formed by other teachers is often correct because teachers see firsthand how other teachers act and perform.

Therefore teachers usually do have picks of which teachers they want their personal children to have in class.

However it is very difficult to vocalize these opinions. When opinions of other teachers are vocalized it can make the work place less friendly and less harmonious. Therefore it is very difficult to answer when parents ask your opinion on which teacher they should request for the following year.

This time of year many parents are beginning to think about their child’s future for the next school year. If they have enjoyed the current teacher, they may ask for the teacher’s opinion in which teacher should be requested for the following school year.

As a teacher, this question must be handled very delicately. If a special circumstance exists, it may be a good choice to help the parent choose a teacher with a personality that will best match the child’s personality. However if no special circumstances do exist, it is probably best to suggest that the parent talk with other parents that have children in that grade level. They can then make a decision based on the information they receive about each teacher.

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