Organization: Learning About Storage Solutions

Now that you have gone through your scrapbooking supplies, and figured out exactly what you have, and hopefully taken the time to sort your supplies, you are ready to get to work. Okay, so I know that sorting all those supplies took a lot of work too. In addition, you probably have quite the mess staring you in the face with all those piles of supplies. But I promise, it will be worth it at the end.

While you may have already found an organizational method that has worked for some supplies, you are probably still in need of organization for other supplies. This is where your category piles come in.

You need to examine your current storage solutions, and see if they are working for you. If they are not, then get rid of the old and begin with a new method. If they are working fine, then you need to figure out how you plan to store the remaining items in that particular category.

I have all of my eyelets, sorted by color, in those little plastic floss containers. This method works for me. However, I don’t think the same method is going to work as well for my metal items, ribbons and other items. I did discover that I have a lot of buttons that I needed storage for, so I decided I really liked the floss containers for the eyelets and I bought some more. However, they did not wind up being the best place for my plethora of buttons. Later, I upgraded to glass jars sorted by colors. They look pretty on a shelf and I can always find what I want. Plus there is room for growth, unlike in the floss containers I was overflowing into other compartments with certain colors.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the various storage methods available for all the different scrapbooking products. Some can be quite pricey, while others can be cheap and inexpensive and often homemade! In addition to that, you will need to discover what works for you. Some trial and error is inevitable at the start.

More articles coming soon, on actual storage solutions for the many different supplies out there. Please keep reading the Organization section of the Scrapbooking Blog.

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