Organization: Sorting Your Supplies

As you know, organizing is a big task. Some people only need to organize a little, and still others need to organize their entire scrapbooking areas. Many scrapbookers are in need of storage solutions for often used supplies, and still others are looking for storage solutions for everything. So where exactly do you start? Simple – from the very beginning.

The first step to effective organization is to figure out what you have. In order to do this, you must first sort all of your materials and supplies into categories. It is also easier to do this by sorthing them into large, broad categories first.

Here are some great categories, and what belongs in them:

  • Adhesives – This should include tapes, liquids, glue dots, glue sticks, runners and anything else you use.
  • Cutting Tools – Your cutters, scissors, decorative scissors, blades and anything else you need. This can also include die cut tools and their accessories.
  • Photographs and Negatives – Even if you primarily use digital now, you are still going to have dozens of photographs that need to find a storage home, and in addition, you probably still have plenty of negatives lying around. I still use my film camera in addition to my digital, so this is a pressing issue for me.
  • Embellishments – Easy enough. Anything that is used to embellish your pages; metals, stickers, buttons, ribbons, eyelets, clips, corners, glitter, beads, etc.
  • Stamping Supplies – If it belongs with a rubber stamp, or it is a rubber stamp, this is the category for it.
  • Papers – Any shape, size, texture or pattern. They all go in this broad category. Yes, even the scraps.
  • Writing and Drawing Tools – journaling pens, colored pencils, chalk, markers, watercolors, paints and anything else you’d like to include.
  • Misc. Tools – This is a rather broad category, but can include anything you might not want to have its own category. For instance, you might only own 5 or 6 rubber stamps, so this category is for that. Other items include: punches, templates, embossing tools, brass stencils, etc.

And last but not least:

  • Organization Supplies – Containers of all shapes and sizes, folders, baskets, labels, drawers, totes, and anything else you might have to begin your organizing.

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