Organization – Storing Unmounted Stamps

As I mentioned in earlier articles, I am starting some specific articles, dealing with storage and organization of different types of scrapbook supplies. Not all scrapbookers use rubber stamps. And even those that do, might choose not to use unmounted rubber stamps. However, many scrapbookers find it challenging to store these little pieces of rubber.

Never fear, there are solutions out there. It is about figuring out what works for you, and which system will allow you to get the most use out of your unmounted stamps.

While there are several binders and systems, made exclusively for storing unmounted stamps, they cost a lot and don’t always meet individual needs.

There are definitely some cheaper, more budget friendly alternatives.

Plastic Zip Bags can work well, because they come in many sizes. I prefer the snack size and the sandwich size. You can even punch a hole through the bags and insert them onto rings to hang on a bulletin board, or hang in a binder on the rings. They can be organized by subject or stamp company.

Baseball Card Sleeves and Pocket Page Protectors work well too. And you can stamp the image on a piece of paper, to slip it in the pocket to make finding what you need, quite simple. You can store these by subject or brand as well.

CD/DVD Cases are another alternative. You can stamp the images on a piece of paper that fits right inside the case, just like a cover. You can place the stamps inside, and each case holds about 3-10 depending on their size. The CD’s can then be placed on a CD shelf rack or spin rack.

Envelopes are an easy way to store stamps and they can be stored in a plastic shoe box or other type of box. If you save the envelopes that your pictures come in, sometimes they have clear fronts. You can stamp the images on a piece of paper, place the stamps inside and put the paper in, so you can see it in the window, and voila – the perfect storage.

A more recent system I saw, was pretty cool. Using Velcro and an old binder, a scrapbooker attached them to heavy paper and put them inside the binder. This works especially well with the stamp companies that use Velcro to attach the stamps to the acrylic stamping blocks.

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