Organization under the Kitchen Sink

What is it with trying to keep the area under the kitchen sink organized? That is probably one of the most neglected spots in my kitchen.

When you have nothing but a wide open space, I think it’s just easier to store things in there. But it can quickly become cluttered and pretty soon, you have no idea what’s underneath there anymore.

This weekend I plan on doing something about it. I am going to take out everything and get rid of items that are no longer usable. But I’m not just going to toss the remaining stuff back inside. Oh no, I plan on investing in some organizing supplies.

There are so many options when it comes to organizing underneath your kitchen sink. Some of this depends on the particular items you store there.

Here are some ideas on items ways that you can organize everything under your kitchen sink:

Plastic boxes


Lazy Susan



Magnetic strip

Plastic boxes are great for holding cleaning supplies. I am talking about the kind that has handles, so you can just pick it up and go as you clean.

Baskets can do the same thing. But if your sink has a problem with leaking, you might want to avoid the chance of ruining a good basket.

Lazy Susan’s can make accessing spray bottles and other supplies so much easier. Pegboards and hooks can hold towels, dog leashes, cleaning brushes and other items that can be hung up. Magnetic strips can hold things such as scissors or screwdrivers.

You might also want to install shelving underneath your sink. This can make for easier viewing when searching for items.

As long as you are cleaning out the cabinet, it might be time to repaint or lay down some contact paper. Spruce up the inside of your cabinet.

What other ideas do you have for organizing underneath your kitchen sink?

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