Organizing a School Years Scrapbook (1)

The school years are so important for a child’s development. It is where education begins and can definitely play a major role in the child’s future. Are you inundated with school work, drawings, art projects, certificates and awards and all sorts of other miscellaneous things that come home from school with your child or children?

I have begun the quite daunting task of assembling some sort of organization of all of these keepsakes and items, and sorting through the trash to find the treasures. It’s a scary place to be. I worry if a certain paper is something the child might wish to have later, and then I wonder if it will even matter to them someday. I wish I had more of my schoolwork from when I was a child. Thankfully I have a few pieces I did in high school and I treasure them. Because of this, I am creating a scrapbook for each of my child including important pieces of their school experience.

So how do I decide what to keep and what to throw away? I have a few rules I keep in mind as I am sorting. During the month of March, I am dedicating several articles a week to help parents with their child’s school years albums and helping you decide what to keep and what to throw away, and then how to manage what is left.

I get a lot of emailed questions about this very topic, so please if you have a question, feel free to ask. I will answer your question in an article and help you along with your goal.

I will also be working on several articles for homeschooling parents, as I have a child that is homeschooled and we keep a special album just for his homeschooling things separate from his “school years” album. I will be explaining this in greater detail in later articles. Be sure to check back tomorrow for part two of this article.

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