Organizing All Those Punches

Earlier today I began this series of articles by talking about needing a place to store old supplies. I had decided I was going to purge some of these supplies, however as I began to go through them, not only did my children wish to play with them, I found uses myself to keep them around.

So I was again faced with the challenge of organizing these items to make them easier to store, and easier to use.

Matchbox Car Holder

This is one way to organize your punches if you only have a few. The smaller punches fit right into the tiny compartments, but the problem is that with the large and jumbo punches, they won’t fit in these types of containers. I have the jumbo tag punch and I am nowhere ready to part with it, so I intend to keep it and find another type of storage.

Tackle Box

This is also a terrific way to organize your punches. Because tackle boxes come in so many different sizes, you have plenty of options depending on the size of your collection. I do have a tackle box and my jumbo punch does fit in one of the compartments. This is an excellent method of storage if you only have a few punches but have larger punches to store too. It wasn’t the method for me.

Plastic Rolling Cart with Drawers

This is what I have my punches in currently. It works, but I know there has to be a better method. At first this appealed to me because of the amount of punches I owned. And the ability to roll the cart around. But the deal is, that because the cart is so heavy from the weight of all the punches, it won’t roll anymore! So it isn’t working and in some drawers punches are just piled on top of others and it’s hard to see what I have and find what I need. This is an excellent storage unit for those who have loads of punches, don’t plan to cart them around anywhere and have the room to store a whole cart.

Art Cabinet or Dresser

I think this is the method I will choose. I need an art cabinet or art dresser with drawers that I can place the punches in. From what I understand, an art cabinet was originally created for drawings and storing artwork. Well, that’s awesome because I realize that if I ever do purge the collection down, I have the option of using this cabinet as a place to store layouts in progress and rubber stamps and other items.

So how do you store your punches?