Organizing Items For a Garage Sale

Organizing Items For a Garage Sale. More blogs like this at

By this time in the process, you should be ready to begin organizing the things you found yesterday while Collecting Items For a Garage Sale. You will more than likely need several boxes, containers and plastic bags.

Separating the Items

The easiest thing to do at this point is to use bags, boxes and containers to keep all the items you have found, together. It is time to sort them by item for easier placement the day of the sale. Obviously you need to keep like items together. For instance, books and magazines, no matter who they are for, should probably be all displayed together. The same goes for cassette tapes, compact disks, VHS tapes, DVDs and records. Infant items should all be stored together. Toys should be stored together. Clothing should be separated by size and sex. After that, it is up to you if you wish to also separate it by season.

If an item has many little pieces to it, it is wise to place them in a small plastic baggie and tape them to the item. This helps to keep things together.

Organizing the Items
It is beneficial, and a huge time saver, if when you are done separating everything you price it and then place it in the order in which you plan to display it at the sale. There will be people that arrive at your sale early, and although it is inconvenient and annoying, there isn’t much you can do about it. You will want to be as prepared as you can be. When organizing the items, think about how you will place the items on your driveway, in your garage or in your yard. Think about what tables you are using, what surfaces you have, and if you have somewhere to hang items. It helps to draw a general map of your space and jot down where you’d like things to go. If you are having the garage sale in your garage, you can even set it up as you go. However, you don’t want to set up a yard sale or driveway sale before you are ready to sit outside and guard your stuff.

Watch tomorrow for an article about pricing your items!

Keep watching the garage sale section of the frugal living blog for great tips, and techniques to make your garage sale experience, whether selling or buying, a frugal good time!

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