Organizing Often Used Supplies

With all the various scrapbooking products available, sometimes there are items we use every time we scrapbook. These items are different for every scrapbooker, but one problem is the same for everyone; figuring out how to store these items, and not having to take them out each and every time you are ready to create a layout.

Whether you use a particular pair of scissors, or a certain type of adhesive, it would be better to keep a few of these supplies in a special container used each and every time you sit down to create.

We can call this “kit” a “Scrapbooking Staples Kit”.

What do you store in your Scrapbooking Staples Kit?

In this kit, you should store the items you use on almost every layout. That does not mean that all adhesives should be stored in this kit, but the one you use the most should be in there, and all the others can be stored in a basket on a shelf. You will also want to place things like, your preferred pair of scissors, journaling pens you use frequently, and any other supplies you use for every layout. I have a handful of punches I use regularly to create embellishment mats, and other items, that I store in mine. Any tools you use regularly, like an eyelet setter or a stylus should be placed in there too.

What type of storage method should you use?

That is entirely up to you. Right now, I am using a large painted flower pot to host my variety of supplies I like to have on hand. It sits right on my scrapbooking work area and is always within reach. It looks pretty because it’s painted and decorative.

But that might not be for you. Perhaps maybe a plastic shoe box would be better. Or you might wish to use a plastic pencil box, or a basket. I’ve even seen altered paint cans and coffee tins. The storage options are limitless, and are really based solely on your own creativity. But keeping these supplies, close at hand, is your ultimate goal.

How do you store your often used scrapbooking supplies?