Organizing Pens and Other Journaling and Drawing Supplies

Take a walk through my scrapbook area, and you will see dozens of types of writing implements. I have a variety of journaling pens, markers, colored pencils, water color pencils, chalks, and other items. With all the different items, storage can be a problem, because finding what you need is the key. Organizing these items together, means sorting through to find the right item each time. That can take time away from scrapbooking. So how do I store all these different types of writing implements and decorating items?

First, my chalks came in a terrific box, created to hold them. The box slides easily into a drawer in one of my wheeled storage carts. I labeled the drawer ‘Various Writing Implements’. In this drawer, not only do I store my chalks, but also two boxes of watercolor pencils, a few Stabilo pencils and various other writing and drawing items.

I also have a rather large collection of embossing markers for use with my rubber stamps. Right now, I store all of these by brand, in plastic shoe boxes, because these types of pens, store better, lying flat.

In addition, there are also my rather large collection of various tipped Zig Markers, colored pencils and other items, which are all stored currently, in plastic shoe boxes, labeled and stacked on top of each other.

I also own one of the old Zig Marker holder boxes, and a marker caddy which is lazy susan style.

Because we are moving and I am getting a much larger, more spacious room, I am beginning to rethink the way I store many of my items. When walking through Office Depot recently, I came across a method of storage, similar to those you see at art stores. They are called Eldon Shelf Savers. These are what I plan to do in my new scrapbook room. Take a look at them here.

I personally feel that they are budget friendly, they have the ability to add onto the system with other types and styles and generally have a very pleasing look to them. Plus it will be nice to rid myself of all the different types of storage I have, and they store the implements flat, a definite must!

What are some of the storage methods you use for your pens, pencils and other various writing and drawing supplies?