Organizing Scrapbook Paper Scraps

There used to be a tin box sitting on my scrapbook table piled high (overflowing) with all sorts of paper scraps. If the scrap was big enough to write a small word on it, then the scrap was saved from the trashcan and tossed into the scrap pile for later use.

As you can imagine, things got a little out of control. The paper pile just kept growing. I had intentions of using the scraps, but it always seemed like too much of a bother to dig through the pile to find a scrap that might work for my project.

After doing some reading on scrap paper organization, I decided that the best way to sort the scraps was by color. Then I had another problem to solve: what would the scraps be stored in? I thought about buying a binder big enough to hold 12 X 12 page protectors and then filing each color of scraps into a different page protector. This idea was okay, but I thought I would still have to dig around in the page protector to try and find little scraps.

Then I came upon Cropper Hopper’s Scrap Storage Pouches. They retail for $5.99 for a pack of three. This storage solution was perfect for me because the pouch has three pockets: one large pocket in the center that holds 12 x 12 paper and then two smaller pockets that hold the smaller scraps of paper. I liked that I could have a section just for the small scraps so they wouldn’t get lost in between the larger scraps. They also have a tab at the top of each pouch for labeling. Here is a picture of a couple my scrap paper pouches.

The scrap paper pouches are all stored in a filing cabinet next to my workspace.

I am happy to report that since my paper scraps have been sorted, they have been getting a lot of use.