Organizing The Old Supplies First

Lately, I’ve been cleaning and organizing some of my scrapbook supplies. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have enough products to open my own store. I think I’m more of a scrapbook supply collector than anything. Or rather I used to be.

Since I’ve been going through everything I’ve come across many supplies I had either forgotten I had, or if I remembered I had them, I wasn’t using them. Not a very frugal way to scrapbook. I guess I need to start practicing what I preach. But regardless, I was faced with loads of old supplies I needed to do something with.

One of those items is Punches. Do you remember the huge punch craze many years ago? Yeah I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased probably 200+ punches, received many as gifts, made trades and taught classes where I got many. I now have over 500 punches and storage has been a challenge. Not to mention they are really heavy and horrible to move around.

I decided recently to work on organizing them and figuring out which ones I’d use and which ones I might never use again. I can assure you that the mini turtle punch I have, will probably never have a place on any of my layouts.

However, what happened when I started going through them, is that my children started getting into them. I brought about two dozen one night and let them go to town punching everything they could find. They had a blast.

So I had one of those moments of reconsideration. I decided that there were still some I could get rid of, but that I needed to hold onto them a bit longer. Why? Because my children like using them in school projects, making cards for their dad and me, and I guess to a child there is just nothing more satisfying than punching a tiny shape out of paper and gluing it to some surface.

So now what do I do? How do I organize all these punches and shapes I have? In a couple of hours there will be another article detailing how I’ve managed to organize and actually USE them again.

Please read my blog for more great information regarding organizing your supplies and using old supplies again.