Organizing Your Books at Home

organize books Having a well-organized library isn’t that hard to do once you have some easy strategies that won’t take a lot of expert skills to implement. Get your home library under control and enjoy your books.

First, you need someplace for the books, such as bookcases. I’ll assume that this is already the case in your home, but if not, go get some! You can search for your dream books cases, or just pick up a couple at the Goodwill and paint or cover the shelves with pretty contact paper. The choice is yours.

Next, let us get those bookcases under control. First, empty out all of the books on the shelves. Make sure that you do this when you have enough time to tackle it. Maybe work one book case at a time.

Taking everything off is important. I found that having to touch each book meant that I could more easily flip through them and part with some extra books that I haven’t read in a long time or never read. Tastes in books can change in a year or even a season. Plus, you’ll want the books off of the shelves so you can dust those shelves and the books, too! Books should be stored with the spines close to the edge of the shelf to reduce the dust. Have a couple of empty boxes available for books to donate or sell.

Next, arrange your books into groups. You can do this by genre, by color or by size. Separate them by paper back and hardcover if you can. Most books should be stored upright, but large heavy volumes could be stacked to prevent damage. Stack no more than three volumes high.

If you want to shelf books two layers deep, make your own homemade riser. This will work best for paperback books or children’s books. You can use a box and tub from aluminum foil or plastic wrap at the back of the shelf. Then one layer of books can rest on that, giving them enough height so you can see what you have.

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