Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (1)

Scrapbooking kit clubs are a wonderful addition to our hobby world, and they allow you a nice surprise in your mailbox every month. Most scrapbooker’s subscribe to kit clubs because it is nice to get kits that are assembled and designed to make scrapbooking easier and allow us maximum eye appeal in our albums.

But those kits can add up, or rather pile up, especially if you subscribe to more than one company, or perhaps you just don’t find the time to scrapbook very frequently. So what are you supposed to do with all those kits and pizza boxes that are piling up in the corner of your scrap area?

One avid scrapbooker asked the question:

“When your monthly kits arrive, do you keep your kits together as received, or do you break them apart and organize them by content?“

This is an excellent question, and honestly, the answer depends on your preference. I will admit, that I had never even thought of breaking up the kit, so I was surprised when several scrapbookers said they did.

Breaking the kit up by content, might seem like the most organized route to take, because it would put everything in its place – embellishments with embellishments, paper with paper, etc. However, monthly kits are designed to coordinate and go together and typically even come with page layout ideas. I feel that it would be a huge time management issue, to have to go seek out all the original components of that particular kit, when you sit down to scrapbook it. I definitely disagree that this would be a good option, but again, it depends on your method of scrapbooking and also why you subscribe to the kit clubs.

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