Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs (2)

Organizing your scrapbooking monthly kits from the various kit clubs is a challenge, and many scrapbookers struggle with the thought. In the earlier article, I explained why breaking up your kits and organizing them by supply, is not the most effective way to organize. Here are some examples of organizational methods that some scrapbookers use.

If you have decided to keep the kits together, which is what I recommend, then you are faced with a whole new dilemma in organization. Where do you store them? How do you store them? Do you keep them in the box? Do you remove them?

Here are a few suggestions:

Pizza Boxes and Original Kit Boxes

Some scrapbookers opt to store them in their original boxes. This can work well, because they are easily stacked, but be forewarned, they do add up fast. Also, it is helpful to label the box with a black marker with the month of the kit and if you get more than monthly kit, perhaps also mark the name of the club.


Another great method is to find a filing system, and file the kits by month, or theme. This method certainly has its benefits, as it allows quick browsing and you can store the contents in their bags or in page protectors.

Page Protectors and Binders

An interesting method I’ve seen, was to store the kit contents “scrapbook style”. Placing the contents into page protectors and then putting them into binders. While this works great, and you can slide the photographs in with the pages you are doing, I would imagine there might be some problems once it got too full, or if bulky products were included in that months kit.

There are dozens of different methods of storing kits, but these are the three I most commonly see and hear about. What do you do with your monthly kit contents?

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