Organizing Your Photos: Part Three – Selecting

Once your photos are in order, you can determine which pictures you wish to use in each album. It’s sometimes hard to decide what you want to use on a layout and what you want to keep for another type of album.

I hope that these tips make that decision just a bit easier for you.

  • Use the post it notes, boxes, files, or baggies. Make a place for each album you want to create. For example, if you are making one for each child, write the name of each child on a separate post it and begin selecting photos in order that you will use for each child’s album.
  • If you find your photos are limited for certain events like Christmas, or a family vacation, you might want to put those in a family album, or create an ongoing Christmas or Vacation album and when it’s full, start a new one in a few years.
  • Only select the best of the best. As I mentioned earlier, toss out blurry or simply unusable shots.
  • Eliminate similar or duplicate photos from an album. Unless there is reason to, putting similar photos onto your layout or into your albums, doesn’t allow the good photo to shine through. Be selective.
  • If you cannot bear to throw out a photograph, and I know many of you cannot, save it in a box somewhere for future use in a school project, gift album or perhaps for your child to scrapbook.
  • When selecting photos, you should think in terms of pages. You can sort and select and store pictures in groups of 4-6 or whatever you typically place on a page. You can also create your actual page kits while you are going along, adding stickers, and embellishments to your photos to make scrapbooking all the easier later on.

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