Our Condo Story Part 2… The Money Pit

Our first problem with our new home was worked out thanks to our new exterminator friends. Our condo was affectionately referred to as the money pit from this point out. We updated our kitchen and proceeded to work on the bathrooms. So far everything was looking beautiful and new. But there was a problem. When we pulled out the counter where the sink was, there was black mold and rot on the floor! We then had a new floor put down. There was an issue with the caulking though. It wasn’t drying. We switched to baths thinking it didn’t have time to dry. It still wouldn’t dry. We went to silicone instead of latex… Still didn’t work.

I knew something was clearly wrong and it was probably in the walls. We had a plumber come out twice; once to replace the whole shower system where he also determined a pipe that had been spraying, pooling up water on our kitchen cabinets downstairs. So, he cut out our kitchen ceiling and replaced the pipe. Our calking still wasn’t dried. We hired out yet another plumber who assured us that our pipes were fine, but we had him replace them anyway. Still the caulking was mushy but I figured perhaps water was somehow keeping it moist from our tub as there was nothing else that could be affecting it.

Christmas Eve morning, 2 a.m. my husband and I were up late. Our electrical box was making its usual humming. Out of curiosity, I put my hand on the box and it was very, very warm. Do you know about what it cost to have an electrician come out at 3 a.m. to replace some breakers on Christmas Eve for 1 hour’s visit? It cost us $300. By the way, he was the second electrician to come out and replace breakers.

The next Christmas I hoped would be better. After a long trip back from our parent’s homes, I went to put some things in the closet of our future child’s bedroom. Noticing the carpet was wet, I looked up slightly and our wall was fuzzy with mold!

Next morning I contacted a clean up crew that tore out our carpet, cleaned the air, cut out the moldy wall, and sprayed. By this time, I really felt this home was cursed!

I have a Part 3 to this story. Yes, things get better, but not before they get worse…

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