Our Family Scrapbooks by Lisa Bearnson and Becky Higgins

Looking for some inspiration to create a meaningful scrapbook album for yourself or family? I have found a book full of inspiring ideas on creating a variety of albums that your family will cherish. Our Family Scrapbooks by Lisa Bearnson and Becky Higgins gives us a chance to look at many of the albums they have created.

The book is divided into six chapters where they share different types and styles of albums that they have create to document their family history – both past and present.

One of my favorite parts of this book is that each of the album designs and ideas is simple and could be completed quite quickly. They really focus on the pictures in their albums rather then getting carried away with loads of embellishments.

The first section of the book focuses on albums that gather information about ancestors and your own family right now. One album shared in this section was where Becky Higgins collected pictures of her grandparents and then told the story of each photo.

The second section of this book shows albums that share information about their family. My favorite albums in this section are recipe albums. They include favorite family recipes. In Lisa’s recipe albums she includes a photo of one person from her family on each layout with a quote about why the recipe on that page is their favorite. Preserving family recipes in a scrapbook is such a great idea.

In the third section of the book Lisa and Becky share albums they have created about things they have learned. It’s their way of passing on life’s lessons to future generations. After reading these pages, I am encouraged to really give some thought to things that I want my children to learn from me. A scrapbook is such a great way to record those thoughts and feelings.

The forth section of the book shows albums that help connect yourself to others. Becky made an album with childhood photos of herself to help her children see that she really was a kid once too. Lisa created an All About Me album so that her family would have a special album filled with lots of information about her all in one place.

The final two sections of the book encourage you to cherish and appreciate all of the blessings in your life. They share tribute albums and albums they created about their children and date nights.

I recommend this book for all scrapbookers from beginner to advanced. It is sure to give you new inspiration for creating meaningful albums while documenting your family history.