Our First Casting Call

Today, Dylan and I tried something new. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about an open casting call which was going to be held in a city about an hour away from where we live. I went online to look at the information about the casting call and decided that I was going to bring Dylan and Blake to it on one of the three dates that it was being held. I had been looking for an “excuse” to go to the city to do some shopping, and that seemed like a good one.

The instructions on the company’s web site were simple, print and fill out a form and arrive at the location with your child during one of the specified time frames. I wondered whether it could really be that simple. Was there going to be a huge line of parents with screaming, hot, bored children waiting around a cramped studio? Would the kids have to do anything specific when it was their turn? I really had no idea what to expect.

I am happy to report that it truly could not have been any easier. My dad came up to visit us for the day and we drove up to the city all together. We arrived somewhere in the middle of the time frame for today’s casting call. There was a parking spot available right in front of the door, and we got the boys out of the car and into the building without incident. Once inside, we were greeted by a friendly woman and I gave her our information forms. She assigned a number to each of the boys and we waited for only about five minutes while a couple of little girls went in to the photo room to be seen.

When it was our turn, another nice woman showed us into a room with a chair and a photo background. She asked Dylan to climb onto the chair, which he did. He looked right at her and smiled, and she snapped his picture. “Wow, that was easy”, she said and asked Dylan to climb down from the chair so that I could sit on it with Blake. I held Blake on my lap, and Dylan and my dad walked behind the woman with the camera. Blake began to coo and smile, and she snapped his picture just as quickly as she had Dylan’s. She thanked us and we went along our way. We had fun in the city for the rest of the afternoon.

I have no idea if either of the boys will make the call back for the photo shoot. If something comes of it, great. If not, we may try another casting call in the future because it really was quite painless and Dylan did not seem to mind it one bit. I have no expectations for him, I figure that it is just something to try. If he is given an opportunity to do some modeling work and he enjoys it, we could do it. If he does not like it or is not called for any photo shoots, there will be plenty of other activities that he will enjoy doing.