Our Twelve Prenatal Visit

An entire week has come and gone once again. With each weekly visit, the birth of our daughter draws nearer and nearer. Not a lot has changed since my last prenatal visit so it is really just a matter of making sure that I am staying on track.

The biggest difference this week is that a nasty cold virus has finally gotten the better of me after keeping the viruses at bay for what seems like months. Thus going into this prenatal visit, I feel kind of gross; just stuffy and congested. I had e-mailed my midwife early this week to seek advise on things to do and take. My focus has definitely been off thanks to this cold.

We met a little later in the morning than usual so my husband was unable to come, but my son accompanied me (at two and half he really had no other choice). Upon our arrival, my midwife asked how I was feeling, which is a normal question. I told her that aside from the cold symptoms I feel quite good. We both agreed that the cold just needs to run its course. I collected a urine sample which she checked saying it looked good. We headed upstairs and she took my blood pressure which was also well within the normal range. Next came the scale, I must admit I have not been keeping up my food journal this week, but my weight gain was right on with a one pound gain. The midwife checked my shins, feet, and hands for swelling and there was none (I find this to be quite impressive for thirty eight weeks of pregnancy). She asked me all her regular pregnancy questions to which I had positive answers (my only issue right now is my cold). Then she measured my belly and checked the position of the baby, her head is good and low. Finally, we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. It was nice and strong! We made an appointment for next week with the hope that I will not need to go because my baby will be born. Only time will tell!