Outdoor Living Spaces

Transforming patios and gardens into outdoor living spaces isn’t exactly a new concept, but this idea has really taken off recently. With all the cool items that are now available, you really can make the outdoors an extension of your indoor spaces. It’s like adding on another room without all the construction.

I was surprised the first time I saw outdoor ceiling fans for patios and gazebos, but I was really amazed by the introduction of outdoor televisions. Who would have dreamed that home improvement and decor would eventually include weather resistant electronics for the patio and garden? It shouldn’t surprise me with today’s innovations, but I was impressed.

If you are into the outdoor living space concept, something else you might like is great outdoor area rugs and accent rugs. No vacuuming required. Just sweep them off or hose them down from time to time. What a great way to make a space feel more homelike.

What about outdoor furniture? Plain picnic tables might not cut it once you browse through the collections or gorgeous outdoor furniture. Some of it is beautiful enough to use indoors. In fact, some people do use it indoors because it is affordable and because the fabrics are treated to resist weather. If the cushions can hold up to nature, they should be able to hold up indoors with no problem.

Here’s something you might not have been expecting, artificial plants for outdoor spaces. It sounds kind of funny to use artificial plants in the great outdoors, but some are so realistic, you might have a hard time telling the difference. You certainly don’t have to worry about watering them or worry that they’ll wither or die in hot weather.

With all this great stuff available, anyone can easily transform a plain patio into an inviting space.