Outgrown Clothes Make Great Craft and Scrapbook Embellishments

All children out grow clothes quickly. Do you have piles that don’t fit anymore? Some that might be stained or torn? Missing a button maybe?
Don’t toss them. Use them for your scrapbook layouts.

Recently we held a garage sale, and are planning a second here this weekend. We have to get rid of a lot of stuff because we are getting ready to sell our home and move. While going through the basement I came across loads of clothing. All had been outgrown and most was in excellent condition, folded neatly in boxes and awaiting a new owner. But several pieces had stains, tears in the knee’s, or holes elsewhere.

I first began tearing buttons off the shirts, because I came across an adorable metal heart button that I just knew would be cool on a layout. So as I found shirts, and pants that no longer were usable I tore their buttons off. Then I came across a pair of jeans that the back pocket had obviously been snagged on something. I tore it right off and thought was a cool embellishment it would make on a fun page about our twelve year olds. I could slip something right into the pocket and put it on the page.

As I continued to go through clothing, I found appliqué’s, lace, ribbon, buttons and charms that could be used on layouts.

With five children, we scrapbook often as a family, and these little embellishments wouldn’t just be fun on my layouts, but their layouts too.

So the next time you have a hole in a sweater or shirt, or are missing the button to a pair of pants, or the zipper gets stuck, don’t toss the item in the trash. First, pull off any salvageable embellishment and store it with your scrapbook stash. Even belts from long ago forgotten pants can be fun to use on a layout! Belt loops can be torn apart and used to create a pattern on the edge of your layout.

Talk about Frugal Scrapbooking! Use what you have and forget the rest!

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