Overcoming Scrappers Block (1)

It happens occasionally, and it can happen to everyone. A hobbyist will run into a block of some sort, and feel as if they cannot complete a project. Crafters, collectors, writers and others have the problem from time to time. It is certainly no different for a scrapbooker. Pictures, layouts and albums might sit for weeks or months, and in rare cases, even years before the inspiration or the desire to complete something is present. Learn more by reading, What Is Scrappers Block?

It can be frustrating, and can even leave you questioning your choice of a hobby. For the people who have multiple hobbies, sometimes just focusing your energy and attention on another hobby can help tremendously, however not everyone has the same situation. Here are several ways to combat scrappers block and get you completing layouts and albums again, in no time.


Remember, it is difficult to scrapbook effectively, if you are not organized. Keeping your supplies together, with items that are similar, and keeping often used items handy, is a surefire way of increasing your productivity. There are several articles on staying organized in the scrapbook blog, which might help you get organized and stay organized. Spending some time sorting through your photographs, separating the pictures you plan to scrapbook on certain layouts, and perhaps even assembling page kits, can really help get you inspired and focused again. In addition, going through your supplies, to see what you have on hand, can also be a terrific way to inspire your creativity. You might have forgotten about the tag you created for a particular layout, or perhaps a package or rub-ons you bought for that birthday layout. Spend a little time organizing your supplies when scrappers block hits, and you will probably be inspired in no time at all.

Completed Albums

Spend a little time looking through your completed albums. Sometimes, just looking at the pages will get your memories floating and inspiration will set in quickly. You might begin to creatively see a layout in your head, or you might plan to duplicate a layout you’ve already completed several years ago. Looking through your albums with your family, might even spark them to talk about memories or moments that have not yet been recorded, allowing you a little inspiration to get those layouts done. Inspiration can strike at anytime, and often just browsing my old albums will get the juices flowing and I’m ready to create some new ones. Looking through albums with my daughter, inspired several non-stop days of scrapbooking, when I saw how excited she was to see herself and how much she loved the different layouts I had created.

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