Overcoming Scrappers Block (2)

Few scrapbookers are immune. In fact, the occasional mental or creative block regarding scrapbooking is normal. Overcoming scrappers block can be a challenge, however there are a few simple ways to make it easier. Yesterday I encouraged you to begin organizing your scrapbook stuff and reflecting on layouts you’ve already created in Overcoming Scrappers Block (1). Now it’s time to focus on a few new strategies.

Journaling Games

Not really games, per say, but journaling exercises of any kind, can often get your mind started, creative juices flowing and as quick as the scrappers block set in, it can be gone. Browse through a number of sets of photographs in which you want to scrapbook. And then find one that you already know what you want to say. Just start writing. Try getting creative and trying some new journaling recipes, or other methods of journaling. You might find that you are ready to scrapbook those moments as soon as you set the pen down or hit print.

Seek Inspiration

Whether you browse scrapbook magazines for a layout you can scraplift, or just generally begin looking around you for inspiration, sometimes it is the key to completing a scrapbook layout. Look for colors you like, themes that might coordinate with some of your photos, or just in general, items you are drawn to. I’ve been known to walk around the scrapbook store and just look at the layouts on the walls, the supplies on the shelves, and walk out of the store ready to create.

Escape to Nature

The only other advice I have for the scrapbooker facing a block on their creativity, is to escape to the big outdoors. Sometimes just getting away from it all helps to clear the mind. Even a walk around your neighborhood, or if it is too hot or cold, a walk around your house several times, is enough just to clear you head and get focused. While you’re walking, see the photographs you need to scrapbook in your mind. Think about what you want the layout to look like, or maybe what you want it to say. When you return to your scrapbook area, sit down and get going. Hopefully you will have some layouts completed in no time at all.

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