Overcoming the Fear of Skating

While skating can be a little unnerving for the beginner, use these tips to overcome your fear of skating.

Have you always had a desire to learn to skate but have a fear of standing up, falling down, not stopping, or simply making a fool of yourself? If so, you are not alone. Most beginners feel the same way. However, by using tips provided in this article, you can overcome fears associated with skating and discover an amazing activity! Just keep reminding yourself that as with anything you try for the first time, it takes a little bit of patience and practice.

The first thing is to choose the right skate. Interestingly, inline skates, those with wheels all lined up in a row, are easier to skate on than the standard, four-wheel skate. The reason is that when skating outdoors, inline skates do not become caught up on cracks like quad skates do. Now, if you are wanting to artistic skate in a rolling rink, then you might consider using quads skates but if you want to enjoy outdoor skating, definitely go with inline.

Probably the most common fear among beginners is that of falling. In addition to concern over being hurt, there is the embarrassment factor. For this, we recommend you take a few private or group lessons. The instructor will walk you through some easy steps that will give you the confidence needed. Keep in mind that every skater, even the pros fall so while lessons will certainly reduce the number of incidences, you will still fall occasionally.

Finally, if you plan to start your adventure outdoors, wear protective gear in the form of a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. Although you might feel somewhat silly at first, when you do fall, you will be glad you took appropriate measures to protect your body. Following these simple guidelines will make your first time wearing skates far more fun.

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