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In the world of cell phones, there are two kinds of people. There are those who never use up their minutes and have a roll over plan that continually forwards them to some distant future when cell phones will be imbedded in people’s brains instead of carried around on a hip or in a purse. There are also those who continuously go over their minutes and have to pay a large cell phone bill every month.

Both types of people could benefit from keeping track of their minutes. The folks that have more minutes than they are using may see that they can switch to a less expensive plan, and the folks who use too many minutes can either do the same or rein in their phone usage.

There are several different ways to keep track of cell phone minutes. Many phone companies allow you to check your minutes online and make any changes to the service as needed. You can usually dial in my phone, enter a pass code and check your minutes that way. Finally, you can add software to your phone in the form of widgets that will keep track of the information for you. And now, there is another way to keep track of those minutes.

Overmyminutes.com is a free service for consumers, non-profits and small businesses (they make money by charging businesses of more than 100 employees for this service).

The way that the service works is that it automatically keeps track of your minutes and then alerts you when your minutes are close to being used up. Overmyminutes.com says that one of the benefits is that it will monitor your minutes whether the phone is on or off or even if your network connection is down (although presumably if it is off you aren’t using any minutes anyway).

Anytime you give personal information to anyone else, you are running a security risk, but Overmyminutes.com says that it is committed to safety and security and even tells you what the risks are and offers additional tips for security. You can check the website out here: Overmyminutes.com

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