Pantry Challenge: Falling Off of the Wagon

Sugar How many individual packets of sugar does it take to make a half a cup? I’m proud, well, almost proud, to say I now know the answer.

I officially ended our pantry challenge when I asked my husband to bring home a bag of sugar (and cold cuts and bread and milk and diapers). My moment of defeat came yesterday when I was faced with fact that it is already February, and we haven’t brought in the class snack for Andrew’s Kindergarten class. Not a problem, I thought, I’ll just make some sugar cookies.

I got out the cookie cutters, shaped like hearts and hands for Valentine’s day. I thought this would be a cute idea. Halfway through my recipes, however, I discovered that I was half a cup short on sugar. Uh oh. Sugar is one of those staples in my house that I don’t normally run out of, but I guess all of that holiday baking made me run low.

At first I thought I might be able to substitute brown sugar for the granulated, but I wasn’t sure how the kids would like the taste. Then in a fit of inspiration, I remembered the box of sugar packets that was left here by my father.

You see, my father always likes to have tea when he visits and decided to stock our pantry with convenient sugar packets in a 100 count box. Of course, when he does visit and have his tea, he normally just takes sugar from my canister. That box had been sitting here for 2 years and exactly three packets had been used. Yup, yesterday I decided to use them.

Sheeekie-Sheekie-Sheekie was the noise heard in the kitchen. Shake a packet down, rip, pour. Over and over.

I am happy to report that it took exactly 28 packets to fill my half cup.

My husband had a good chuckle over that one, when I told him what I did.

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