Paper Bag Fish Preschool Craft

All you need for this fun and fishy craft is a paper sack. You can improvise for the rest of the materials. If your preschooler wants to keep crafting, make a whole school of sparkly fish. These are fun to put on a shelf or hang from the ceiling.

You will need:

A paper lunch sack, plain or colored
Plastic grocery sacks, crumpled newspaper, junk mail or other material to stuff the sack
Nontoxic craft glue or tape
Pipe cleaner, wire or rubber band
Decoration material such as glitter glue, googly eyes, sequins or metallic confetti, markers, colored paper etc…

1. Stuff half the sack with crumpled newspaper or grocery sacks.

2. Twist on a pipe cleaner, piece of wire or rubber band right above the stuffing to form the body and tail.

3. Glue on a mouth (the mouth on this fish is a pipe cleaner, but you can use paper, yarn, or draw it on) and eyeball (again, use what you have–a paper eyeball works great).

4. Decorate the tail and body.

5. Let dry completely and then place wherever you need a little fishy fun.

Here are a few other ideas for crafting with lunch sacks:

– Hand puppets, of course. Let those funny Fandango puppets inspire you!

– Decorated lunch sacks. Grab a pile of paper sacks, and pass out the markers and crayons. Avoid glitter and 3-d objects glued on. If your preschooler doesn’t need a bag lunch, it’s still a fun way to serve lunch. Even the most finicky eater might look at his or her lunch in a new light if it comes out of a sack he or she has decorated.

– Gift bags. Let your preschooler decorate a sack for a small gift and Bingo! Instant wrap that’s a gift in itself!