Paper Bag Albums part three

Would you like to make your own? It’s easy and it’s fun. Just choose your topic, plan out what you want to say and then follow these easy steps:

Collect five paper lunch bags of the same size and color. These will make the base blank pages of your album.

Arrange the bags in a stack. You need to alternate the open and closed ends. This helps keep the book even on both sides.

Next, fold the bags in half and crease. Use a bone folder to really crease the center.

Bind the bags about a quarter inch from the seam, by punching holes in the bags and then use stitching, ribbons or brads.

Now it’s time to have some fun! Let’s begin decorating your pages. You will want to use pretty patterned papers, cardstock, your photos, stickers, stitching, staples or eyelets, buttons, ribbons or fibers and any other embellishments you like. In fact, treat the pages as if they are TRUE scrapbook layouts. They really are they are just smaller versions.

If you notice, on the edges of your book, some of the pages actually have little pockets because of how they are folded. In fact, every other page should have that if you bound them correctly. You can create coordinating tags or cards to place inside the bags’ open ends for an added surprise. I often add little cards or notes inside for the recipient. Just slip it right inside the little pockets.

Please understand that a paper bag album is not archival safe. They shouldn’t be used for preserving one-of-a-kind photos. I recommend using color copies or duplicate photos. You can also spray the paper with archival mist to help slow the aging process.

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