Paper Bag Albums part two

For my own paper bag album, I chose the theme 10 Things I Adore About You
Each thing has its own page and contains an explanation of why I adore him because of that thing.

10 Things I Adore About You
1. Spending Time With You (on the side page is an explanation: Whether it’s ice cream with your girls, or a movie we aren’t actually watching – spending time with you is absolutely the best)
2. You’re An Awesome Dad – Raising three girls alone is tough and you do it with ease and the most love I’ve ever seen from a dad.
3. Your Eyes – The way they light up when you smile
4. Your Phone Calls – I love that you call me from work just so I know you were thinking about me. Of course I also adore that you even DO think about me from work!
5. Your Voice – You have a soothing, relaxing voice that just sounds so wonderful to my ears each time you say something sweet.
6. You are a Hard Worker – You have a great job, but it keeps you away for long hours and strange hours too. I love that you work so hard to provide for your family and spoil those girls.
7. Our Emails – I love our silly way of sending emails back and forth at wee hours of the morning when we can’t be together. It makes me miss you more.
8. Your Generosity – That was one of the first things I noticed about you, how completely generous you are. You take care of everyone around you and give without expecting anything back.
9. The Graceful Way You Entered Single Parenthood – Most men really don’t want the responsibility of being the one with full custody and not only did you take it on head first; you have excelled and amazed us all. You truly are an awesome parent.
10. Your Sense of Humor – I absolutely love being with you because I laugh so much. It feels incredible to laugh like that, and it’s amazing to hear the things you say and find them so funny. Always keep me laughing.

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