Paper Piecing-What is It?

I hadn’t really heard this term until recently, so I decided to do a little digging to figure out what it was. Do you already know what it is? If so, then you might be a stamper, or card maker, but as with most paper crafting, this technique can be used on your scrapbook pages as well!

In a nutshell, it involves, piecing together different papers to create an image that is mult-dimensional and super creative! Let’s say for example that you want to use one of these super cute Little People stamps over at Lizzie Anne Designs. These stamps are adorable aren’t they? But, what if you could add even more dimension to them instead of just coloring them in with your markers. Paper piecing can do just that.

Your first step would be to start by stamping the image of let’s say the cowboy (isn’t he cute?) in the link above onto a plain white piece of paper. Then, you would stamp the image again on some patterned paper that you would like to use for the bandana only. So, it can be a tiny scrap. You don’t have to stamp the entire image. Next, cut out the bandana only from that second stamp you did. Set it aside. Then, maybe you want his hat to be from a solid piece of brown cardstock. Stamp the image again on brown cardstock, cut out that piece as well. Then, stamp again onto a lighter brown cardstock for the strip around his hat. Cut out the strip only. Make sure you don’t lose those tiny pieces!

You can see, it is very tedious work, but can give your page, and your stamp a lot more dimension. You would continue to stamp the image over and over on different papers, and then after you have cut them all out, you piece them together on the main image that you stamped onto the white paper. It’s that simple. A little tip to remember is that if you plan on coloring on any of the pieces, make sure you do so before you cut them out. It will be a lot easier that way!

It is time consuming, but that’s the art of paper crafting, isn’t it? So, it may not be for every page that you want to try paper piecing, but it definitely will give that special stamp you love a little more character. If you are more of a visual learner like myself, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube you could check out. Have fun paper piecing!

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