Paper Tearing: Tear Your Art Out

Paper Tearing is a fun technique that can help add dimension to your scrapbook layouts. With these six easy steps you can get started and create fabulous projects.

Start Simple: You need to begin with the basics. Tear strips and shapes before you move on to more complicated objects. With experience and learning control as you tear, you will be able to create more elaborate designs.

Choose the Right Paper: Tearing thicker paper is much easier and more controlled than thinner paper. Cardstock is the perfect paper for tearing. Some cardstock can be torn and will expose the white core within, adding more dimension to a project.

Measure First: Be sure to pay attention to how much space you have on your scrapbook layout. If what you tear won’t fit, just tear some more. But to save time and frustration, just measure the item you want to tear and cut it down almost to size before you begin tearing.

Trace: Tracing the shape you want gives you a good guideline to follow. It makes tearing easier when you can see where you need to tear. Use a pencil, and a light stroke so you can erase the unwanted lines at the end. If you are using the torn shape to mat a photo, place the photo on the piece first, and then tear around it. You can use stencils, templates and die cut shapes to trace and tear.

Break It Up: On a more complicated design, break the picture into small component parts. This allows you to use more complicated pictures in your paper tearing. Try to visualize what shapes make up the finished picture, and then tear those individual pieces out. Then piece them together before you use any adhesive so that you can make changes as needed. When you have what you want, apply adhesive and enjoy!

Add Definition: If you use markers or fine tip pens, you can add dimension by defining lines, adding texture strokes or movement. Tracing along the edges in different patterns tends to make the piece “pop” off the page for that added dimension.

There are all sorts of things you can do to add dimension to your scrapbook pages. However paper tearing is one of the easiest techniques to master and one of the most frequently used. I hope this helps you have some fun with your layouts.