Parental Involvement in Education

Many times parents are so busy that they often think the school and the staff inside of it should be the only ones involved in educating their children. While that is true, it should be known that parents play a huge part in their child’s achievement at school. Yes, during the school year teachers often see children more than some parents do and teachers are paid to educate children. Why is it so important then for parents to be involved in their child’s education? Read on to find out what the NEA (National Education Association) says about children who have parents who are involved:

-Parents who work with their children at home on homework, or just to improve or review skills, have children who do better in school. This isn’t just something the NEA is making up, this is a proven statement. It is also found that these children whose parents work with them at home go farther in their education and go to better schools then children whose parents do not work with them at home.

-It is proven that families, who promote learning in the home, and make school success important from preschool all the way to high school, have higher achievers. A family that does this has higher achieving students regardless of the family’s income, culture or level of education.

-Talking to your child about school is important. Families who talk to their children about school have kids who perform better in school!

-Parents who organize and focus on their child’s homework, and help their children with homework, have children who are more successful in school.

Who knew that parental involvement makes such a difference in a child’s education? Perhaps that is one reason why many schools stress the need for more parent volunteers? Being involved in your child’s education may not only help him to be a better student; it may also improve his behavior and reduce his school absences.

Just reading these statements should encourage any parent to become more involved in his or her child’s education!