Parents of Teens Need Friends Too

I spent a good half hour late last night texting a friend. I sound like a teenager, don’t I? We were going back and forth, sharing our “teen” stories and encouraging each other. What I especially love about this friend is that she is one who can truly relate.

We both have sons who are seniors. We both have daughters that are just one year apart and our youngest sons are both in 7th grade. In fact, all of our kids are very good friends, having grown up in the church together.

One of the topics of our texting was remembering when they were younger and how much easier it was. Oh, it didn’t feel that way at the time. It was exhausting to have three young children.

Back then I figured I could eventually enjoy a good night’s sleep. However I have quickly learned that you don’t necessarily get any better sleep when you have teens.

There is quite a bit of “drama” going on and it has been incredibly exhausting at times. Although most of the exhaustion is mental, there have been some nights where I lost sleep.

Broken hearts, confusion, self-esteem issues, wrong choices, friendship problems, hormones and so much more to make life “interesting.”

In the midst of all of this, what I am finding to be the biggest struggle is to not allow myself to get swallowed up in it. When I do, I find myself getting down and depressed. But my teens need me to be strong right now.

What I really wish I had is a manual where I could look up every issue we are dealing with and find the solution. For now…I will just appreciate having a friend who will listen (or text me back).

Do you have someone to turn to when you are overwhelmed as a parent? Are you someone that others can turn to?

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